Dinner @ Umago Cafe

My mates A, C, D, N and I went to Umago Cafe to celebrate C’s birthday. I was so excited as I’ve eaten here twice before and Umago has given me great quality food on both occasions. I’ve tried the chicken parma and the lamb parcels which were both really good, so I’ve grown high expectations and I guess a soft spot knowing how nice the food can be for such cheap and affordable prices. It’s a little corner restaurant on Brunswick Street, providing both indoor and outdoor dining. With its dim lighting and bluestone walls, Umago gives off a rustic and relaxed environment; a casual place to just eat and have a chill conversation with your mates which is something I love about the place. The waitress was quite friendly and very patient with us when we took our orders (we’re a very indecisive bunch), which was consistent with the previous time I had dined here and was served by the same person.

I opened the menu and noticed that they had increased their prices by $1-$2 (sad feels). In saying that, I still thought their prices were relatively cheap… That was until I actually ate my food. I was very disappointed as the overall quality of the food did not improve to match the increase of its prices, particularly my main dish. I didn’t really try much of my friends’ meals but based on what I had, and comparing to the last time I’ve dined here, the food was a major let down.

Shared entree:
Turkish Pita Bread w/ eggplant, tzatziki and capsicum dip ($8.70, I think…)
 – I thoroughly enjoyed this entree! It was fun to try all the dips with my friends and evaluating which dip we thought was the nicest. The consensus was that eggplant and capsicum were the favourites amongst us. The bread was also very delicious, and had a nice softness but also a crispiness to it as well. Sorry I am not 100% sure of the price for this one, but I would recommend to share with a group of people!



A’s meal:
Greek Chicken Fillet ($18.50)


C’s meal:
Small Chilli Con Carne Pizza ($9.30) 


D’s meal:
Porterhouse Steak w/ Mushroom Sauce ($18.90)


N’s meal:
Fettuccine Pollo (Chicken) Main ($13.50)


My meal:
Chicken Roulade ($18.50) – A butterflied breast of chicken with a pesto, marinated capsicum & fetta filling drizzled with pesto & sun-dried tomato cream sauce, and served with potato chips, turkish bread & salad… sounds good right? Unfortunately, it was really not what I had hoped for when I actually dived in (I’ve had a taste of this dish before, and let me tell you it was soo good that time). The overpowering taste of the filling, together with the dryness of the chicken was a combination that shouldn’t be served on a plate in a restaurant. In addition to that, the potato chips were soggy and had no crispiness at all. The only things that saved the dish were the consistent generosity of its portions, the salad (though it’s not easy to go wrong with plopping some greens onto a plate) and the cream sauce. I don’t know what happened… there was no love and care put into my dish at all, especially in comparison to the previous times I have been here. I was extremely disappointed.



I am so dissatisfied with my main meal this time ’round! In my opinion, my meal was overpriced and I didn’t find it was worth paying almost $20 for such poor quality food… but I’ve grown such a deep fondness for this place that I would be willing to give it another chance and come back again. Maybe it’s only a one-off and the chef was having a bad day?

T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 6.5/10
Price (based on food quality) – overpriced
Service – 7/10
Atmosphere – relaxed, chill
Overall experience – 6.5/10

Umago Cafe (Italian & Modern Australian)
171 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
(03) 9417 4664
Open Monday to Sunday 11.30AM – 11.00PM
Accepts Card & Split Bills
Café Umago on Urbanspoon

Catch ya next Tuesday!
From your weekly foodie,
– T


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