Lunch @ Badger vs. Hawk

I came to the city early to meet up with A and we ate lunch together during his uni break. Badger vs Hawk was such an awesome discovery! It is very suitable for uni students studying nearby or even work colleagues who want to escape the hustle-bustle of the city, and I heard it opens as a bar during the evenings. When you first walk in, you would immediately assume that it is a little cafe for takeaway coffee due to the absence of tables and chairs. The hidden gem is actually located at the back where the roller gate opens up to Flanigan Lane, another typical dodgy-looking alleyway that you would walk pass without thinking twice. The beer garden/courtyard is absolutely brilliant with its skilfully graffitied walls and transparent ceilings to shield customers from the rain whilst boasting the sunshine during hotter weathers. The worker who served us was friendly and wore a big smile on her face, which is a plus!


Our shared chips:
Fries w/ Chipotle Mayo Sauce (side portion $3 + sauce $1 = $4) – the fries were crispy and beautifully seasoned. A thought it was a bit too salty but I loved it… probably because I tend to steer towards salty foods. The sauce was “mint az” with the fries. It was banging, so creamy and flavoursome. The subtle spiciness of the sauce balanced the saltiness of the fries. (Mint az: a term I use to describe food that is very satisfying)



A’s meal:
“The Hawk” Burger ($10 + bacon $2 = $12)crumbed chicken breast, cos lettuce, tomato, bacon (added), red onion & cucumber w/ chipotle mayo


My meal:
“The Badger” Burger ($10 + cheese $1 = $11) grilled beef, cos lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese (added) & pickles w/ tomato sauce, mustard & aioli.
Now this is what I am talking about, a much tastier burger than the one from Andrew’s Hamburgers (refer to a previous post). The brioche bun was nice and sweet; different to the usual bland and boring buns that I’ve tried in other hamburgers. The vegetables were fresh and the pickles added to the flavour of the overall burger, with the sauces just topping it off. The only thing that I can critique is the patty; it was left on the grill for too long and the moisture of the beef was sucked dry so it was tough. It is a real shame because it had the potential to be a solid 8.5/10.



You would most likely see me eating here again during my uni breaks since it’s so close. The atmosphere there is great, and really adds to the experience; a suitable getaway place, especially when the bustling city drains your life and makes you hate people (which tends to happen to me a lot).

T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 7.5/10
Price (based on food quality) – reasonable
Service – 7/10
Atmosphere – “secluded from reality, rustic, indie” – quoting A.T
Overall experience – 8/10

Badger vs Hawk (Breakfast/Brunch/Burgers)
333 La Trobe Street, Melbourne CBD
0466 699 900
Open Monday to Wednesday 8AM-3PM, Friday 8AM-10PM
(Closed on Saturday and Sunday)
Accepts Card
Badger vs. Hawk on Urbanspoon

Hope you enjoyed reading my review! ๐Ÿ™‚
From Your Weekly Foodie,
– T


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