Lunch @ Warra Warra

Warra Warra

Warra Warra is tucked away at the back of Tivoli Arcade and let me tell you it is completed PACKED during lunch time mainly with corporate workers. The restaurant has normal menu options but there are also items displayed at the food bar where you go up to the counter and order, kind of like a high school cafeteria. N and I did not know this and the workers didn’t bother to explain how it all works so we were clueless… as well as a number of other diners. There were people moving and standing about everywhere so everything was just all over the place. A very slow service to add to that… the couple next to us waited even longer than us for their food and the woman was so mad she received apologies from the staff and a refund, leaving without barely touching her food. The staff were cheerful though.


Our shared meal:
Takoyaki Balls (50c each, total = $3) – SO CHEAP! The batter wasn’t cripsy but that can be excused because it was GREAT value for money. Quite tasty 🙂



N’s meal:
Sizzling Stone Pot Bibimbap – assorted vegetables, egg on rice served in a sizzling stone pot with korean chilli or mild sauce.


My meal:
Fried Chicken Tender ($1.50 a piece) – I think my chicken tender was left out on the food bar for too long because the chicken was dry and it didn’t taste fresh. It was pretty bland and needed some sort of accompanied sauce.



Beef Bulgogi Box w/ Rice and Gyoza Salad ($11.50) – stir fried thinly sliced beef in sweet soy sauce.
The rice wasn’t fluffy and soft, it didn’t taste like it was cooked fresh to order. The gyoza on the other hand, was crispy with a yummy filling, while the beef bulgogi was moist with a sticky and sweet sauce.



T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 7/10
Price (based on food quality) – cheap to reasonable (depending on menu item)
Service – 4/10
Atmosphere – disorganised and crowded
Overall experience – 6.5/10

Warra Warra (Korean&Japanese)
Shop 19 & 20, 235-251 Bourke Street Melbourne CBD (Tivoli Arcade)
(03) 9662 2077
Open Monday to Friday Lunch: 11.30AM – 3.00PM & Dinner: 5.30PM – 11.00PM, Saturday Dinner Only: 5.00PM – 11.00PM Closed on Sunday

Warra Warra on Urbanspoon

From Your Weekly Foodie,
– T


2 thoughts on “Lunch @ Warra Warra

    • the food was standard but i agree, the system they have in place does not work and the staff aren’t very helpful. food takes pretty long to come out as well! i don’t think i would go back.. maybe just for the takoyaki though haha

      – T

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