I’m back!

Hey everyone, look who’s back! 🙂
As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting any reviews for the past couple of weeks. My apologies for not saying anything sooner but I was stumped with long tedious essays and last minute assignments, and I had an exam to study for so I decided to go on hiatus because I knew I wouldn’t be eating out for while! However that shall end this week!! I am finally done with Uni and my friends should finish soon too, so that will mean many reviews to come and I’m so excited to share them with you and get back to blogging, I’ve missed it dearly!
I’d also like to take this time to thank all my readers as I’ve reached 1700+ views!! What?!? That is unbelievable! It’s only been a couple of months and I never expected any views let alone that many so it’s an amazing achievement for me! Thank you to everyone who landed on my blog, whether it be a one-time click and skim through Urbanspoon or weekly followers (thank you for your loyalty!), I am grateful for everyone who have read my posts. Though I know that I am lacking in many ways as a blogger, every view means a lot to me and I hope in some way I have helped you in your dining experiences!
I have a few plans and new ideas to improve and develop my blog so look out for those hopefully in the near future! I look forward to exploring the many great foods that Melbourne has to offer and getting back to blogging about my experiences with you guys so stay tuned! Thank you once again, for taking part on this blogging journey with me and I am endeavouring to grow and learn, not just as a food blogger but as a person as well (and that concludes my award-winning speech essay).

With much love and gratitude,
From Your Weekly Foodie,


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