Summer Night Market @ QVM Part 1

The night market runs from 5PM-10PM every Wednesday throughout summer starting from November 6th – February 26th at the Queen Victoria Market. Similar to the Luna 1878 (refer to a previous post), it is an amazing event which celebrates the beauty of food, fashion and music, bringing them to life!

K & B’s FOOD:
Buffalo chicken wings by Wing Man – 6 pieces of chicken wings (mild) with hot fries and homemade blue cheese dip ($8 + $2 + 0.50c = $10.50)
K has tried buffalo wings before in America and said that this was the closest to the real thing. Rating: 9/10
B: the wings tasted good and wasn’t greasy. Would recommend and have it again, however, I would not get the chips again. B rates the wings 9/10
Dutch Pancakes by Tram Stop Dutch Pancakes caravan – mini Dutch pancakes with sugar, butter and lemon ($7.50)
K: nothing special, especially at that price as it could be made at home. If it was $3-4, I would’ve been happier with the meal. Rating: 5.5/10
B: the pancakes were pretty good but fairly average, as you could get the same thing anywhere and for cheaper, therefore Rating: 7/10

A & T’s FOOD:
Seafood Paella by the Spanish Gourmet Caterers
A: 2nd time having it and I still love it. Interesting flavour and texture, I just like how it’s all mushy and soft. Would’ve enjoyed it more if they served it more hot (temperature wise). Portions were not too bad for $12. Rating: 8/10
 thought A was being too nice with his review. She thought maybe ‘I’m just bored and there’s nothing new about it’ Rating: 6.5/10
Sri Lankan Roti Beef by the Lankan Tucker ($12)
A: 1st time having this. Portions and price were adequate considering I had a meal before that. A very exotic and exciting dish especially with the hot sauce. Interesting combination and taste, however, it tasted a bit familiar to pho (Vietnamese noodles) but I didn’t mind it. It got dry after a while so next time I would try the sweet chilli sauce. Waiting for the food was avg 5-6.7mins.
(I also had a try of their roti and I get where A is coming from. I had a bite almost towards the end and by that time, the sauce had dried up and you could barely taste it. Though I still thoroughly enjoyed the dish; it was sweet and chewy… I think I might buy myself one when I go back next week!)

Dutch Pancakes by Tram Stop Dutch Pancakes caravan – mini Dutch pancakes with sugar and butter ($7)
A: 1st time having this. Pancakes were nice and soft but it tasted like any pancake to me except in bite-sized portions. Happy with the portion. Rating: 7/10

Both couples also had a Korean potato twist which was $6 each with your choice of salt. Sorry I wasn’t able to get a photo of it but it looks like this.
B found that hers tasted more like salt and vinegar even though she ordered chicken salt. Perhaps the lady gave her the wrong flavour but K&B still thought it was good, Rating: 7/10.
T also had hers with chicken salt and said ‘the best and always the best.’ Rating: 8.5/10

Kimchi Fries by Blazn Street Food – hand cut chips with kimchi, bean sprouts, spring onion, mayonnaise and spicy chicken ($8)
The staff were friendly, young and fresh. The cook was upbeat and kindly posed for the photo haha! However, the kimchi fries was such a disappointing and boring dish. The fries did not taste or look hand cut to be honest, I thought they were frozen and packaged. The fries had a unpleasant soggy texture, it would’ve been a much better fit with the rest of the dish if it was crunchy. I didn’t find it spicy at all… maybe because they weren’t very generous with the chicken. Kimchi, bean sprouts and mayo were ordinary and tasted pre-bought. Not worth the price. Rating: 3.5/10IMG_3037IMG_3038


Soft Shell Crab Burger by Hammer & Tong 412 – soft shell crab slider with shredded cabbage, sriracha mayonnaise and coriander ($12)
The service was terribly slow despite the lack of people lining up to order. There were only about 1-2 people working whilst the other three were just standing around. We waited for around 15-20 minutes until our burger finally came and I think there were 3 people who had ordered before us. The burger itself was very tasty however overpriced. All of the ingredients tied together beautifully and danced on my tongue in a synchronised fashion. The stand out of the dish was definitely the mayo because it was perfectly matched with the soft shell crab. The texture was there and the flavours were there. Can I also emphasize how much A.T kept going on about how much he loved the burger. Whereas for me, it was simple, tasty however pretty standard ingredients, and nothing particularly special or unique. Rating: 8/10
Kerala Dosa by Kerala Foods – Southern Indian Dosa; spicy organic beef wrapped in a crispy rice and lentil crepe served with dahl, coconut sambal and kasoundi ($12)
It would’ve been better if the sauces were served separately instead of poured on top of the crepe. It ruined the crispiness of the crepe and the centre became very soggy. The beef inside was nicely cooked and tender and went very well with the various sauces. The kasoundi was a mixture of sweet and spicy, packing in a great punch. The coconut sambal reminded me of tzatziki, I couldn’t taste much of the coconut but still complimented the crepe well. Dahl was pretty standard. Overall, the dish was warm, humble and comforting! Rating: 7.5/10
Taiyaki by a Japanese food stand (sorry I forgot to check their name!) – taiyaki with red bean, custard or chocolate filling ($4 for 1 piece, 3 pieces for $10)
I’ve always wanted to try taiyaki because it looks amazing, especially when it is made fresh with the steam leaving the dough, floating and dancing into the air and the filling oozing out when you rip it apart (well that’s what I’ve always imagined). Unfortunately, this was far from my silly yet beautiful vision of the taiyaki. As you can tell, they had already cooked heaps and left them there for goodness knows how long, ready to be served immediately. Therefore, it was not steaming hot, fresh and crispy around the edges. There was hardly any filling inside and just underwhelming overall. The best filling out of the three would have to be Nutella, because its liquid texture helped give it a bit of moisture whereas the other two were very dry. Rating: 4/10

A huge thank you to K, B, A & T for giving up their time to provide valuable insight into their thoughts and ratings!
Also, credits to my photographer A.T for putting up with my bossiness on the day and never missing an opportunity to capture the food!

Stay tuned for part two 🙂
From Your Weekly Foodie,
– T


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