Dinner @ Mesa Verde

C and I took our friend K to Mesa Verde for her birthday before watching a movie at the rooftop of curtin house. The restaurant is spacious, with a projector showing Mexican films on the wall, Mexican vintage candles and lamps all around the restaurant and on each table as well as a bar displaying hundreds of different tequilas, showcasing such a rustic and sultry ambience. The waitress was warm, welcoming and helpful with the menu. Oh and a little not-so-secret of mine: the way to really win me over is through the cleanliness and look of the restaurant’s toilets (that’s because I tend to go very often) and Mesa Verde really hits the spot. The toilets were not only clean and modern but it had a view (not the best view in the world but nevertheless, still a view) which instantly made me a very happy chap. I would recommend dining here if you’re ever in the city, especially if you’re not sure where to dine before your movie at the rooftop cinemas!


Grilled Corn – w/ chipotle mayo, cheese & lime (3 for $9.50)
Seriously can’t go wrong with juicy grilled corn on the cob, some chipotle sauce, parmesan cheese and a squeeze of sour goodness to tie it all in. Mesa Verde even has their own sauce, which was extra spicy (just how the Mexicans like it) but it just made the corn that much better. Great banging starter! 8/10

Tacos (from left to right) – baja prawn, chipotle mayo & iceburg lettuce ($8.50), potato and pork chorizo, romesco ($6.50)grilled skirt steak & red chimichurri ($8.50)
I had the baja prawn. I thought the taco itself was smaller than the usual tacos I’ve eaten but they weren’t hesitant on their filling portions. My prawns were delicately cooked although I found the taco rather average and plain. It needed more sauce and a bit more spice… just something to really bring the flavours alive. 7/10

Salad – watermelon, seeds, beets, pomegranate and mint ($14)
This is the perfect salad for summer or the warmer climates. So refreshing, juicy and just really easy to swallow down. I never knew watermelon and mint could be such a harmonious match! The flavours were evenly balanced, and the seeds provided a crunchy texture. Loved it! 8.5/10

Fried Chicken Wings (3 pieces, $10)
I really enjoyed the chicken wings, especially the seasoning/marinade that they use. It was amazing! The most beautiful concoction of savoury, salty and spicy flavours just lingered on my tongue. The meat was tender but the only major disappointment was that it came out cold. The restaurant only had one waitress at the time (kudos for her efforts) but the wings must’ve slipped her mind as she was tending to her other customers. 7.5/10

T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 8/10
Price (based on food quality) – reasonable
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – social, rustic
Overall experience – 8/10

Mesa Verde (Mexican)
Level 6 Curtin House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne (CBD)
(03) 9654 4417
Open Hours:
Bar open Tuesday to Sunday 5PM – late
Kitchen open Tuesday to Thursday & Saturday 6PM – late, Friday 5PM – late
Bar closed on Monday, Kitchen closed on Sunday & Monday
Mesa Verde on Urbanspoon

Happy Dining! 🙂
From Your Weekly Foodie,
– T


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