Dinner @ Fukuryu Ramen

As you may now have noticed, I accompany T in many of her food ventures. At first I would tag along with T to feed her culinary curiosity (the struggles of having a food blogger partner) not thinking much of it. Soon I slowly started to appreciate the value of a well prepared dish and it was then I fell into the sweet bosoms of the world of food. Anyways onto the food!

I actually found out about this place on Facebook, Fukuryu Ramen were promoting its restaurant with free green tea ice-cream! Why not? Finding this restaurant would have been a nightmare without T’s navigational prowess (on foot), it’s hidden away in an alleyway – getting inside felt like going into the backdoor of a restaurant, but in fact is the only entrance. The mood was quickly changed as soon as we stepped in. We were welcomed (in Japanese) by their friendly staff which made me feel really comfortable and welcomed. The decor was very modern but it didn’t forget its roots – particularly liked the sort-of-traditional uniform the workers had to wear.

2014-04-07 17.59.21 2014-04-07 17.59.26
Chicken kaarage ($5.90) – fried chicken (Japanese style) w/ spicy mayo
The fried chicken was enjoyable; it was cooked to perfection and rocked a solid armour of well seasoned batter. I don’t know about you but I think there should be a 1:1 ratio of sauce and what ever you’re using to dip into it. The serving size of the spicy mayo was the stingiest portion I’ve seen since receiving only 1 packet of tomato sauce to accompany my 10 nuggets at McDonalds. That aside it packed a punch which I enjoyed, it really cut through the saltiness of the chicken. Then… we get plain ol’ cabbage. Just that. It did nothing for the dish and I thought it could have been left out.

2014-04-07 18.15.26


Signature Tonkatsu ($9.90) – thick and creamy
This dish was delicious! The broth was the most flavoursome, most rich I’ve tasted so far in a Ramen dish. The broth binded all the other flavours on the dish together. It pretty much was the MVP star player here. All the elements were well executed and just worked harmoniously together, though I do question the seaweed – it is pretty, but I don’t feel it adds much. The good aside, I had a few problems with this dish. Firstly, the ingredients was very scarce. I literally had only 2 thin slices of meat. Secondly, the bowl is shaped as an inverted cone. I hate cones with a passion, they’re so deceiving. It should be a sin to serve food in cones in the culinary industry. Here I am digging into a great ramen dish and realise it’s almost over (though I do believe Fukuryu has updated their menu to have kids, regular and large bowls).
TL;DR Great flavours, small servings

2014-04-07 18.10.10


Shoyu Ramen ($9.90) – Tokyo style
This was T’s meal and her thoughts on the dish are roughly inline with mine in regards to the incredible depth of flavour the broth contained and the scarcity of ingredients.
T: “my first bowl had a piece of hair in it. Not a very good impression you’d want to make especially since you’ve just newly opened. However, the staff member was very calm and apologetic about it; he said sorry and gave us a new one. I was hoping to have some extra toppings or a little something on the side as a complimentary apology but no. I am disappoint.”

2014-04-07 18.05.47


Green tea ice cream (free for a limited time!! usually $2.90)
This is already a huge score in my books. The ice cream, oh god the ice cream was so smooth, It was like someone was brushing the inside of my mouth with ribbons. That’s how smooth it was. Overall this was a great way to finish our feed. The bitterness from the green tea was faint enough that it wasn’t overpowering yet still had a presence. I really appreciated really!

2014-04-07 18.29.23


A.T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 8/10
Price (based on food quality) – reasonable
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – tranquil with a pinch of fun
Overall experience – 8/10

Fukuryu Ramen (Japanese)
Level 1 22-26 Corrs Lane Melbourne, VIC 3000 (CBD)
(03) 909 7149
Open Monday to Saturday
Lunch: 11.30AM – 2.30PM
Dinner: 5.30PM – 9.30PM
Open Sunday
Lunch: 11.30AM – 2.30PM
Dinner: 5.30PM – 9PM

Fukuryu Ramen on Urbanspoon

From Your Weekly Foodie’s Partner,
– A.T


Dinner @ Ajisen Ramen

For a chain restaurant, Ajisen Ramen makes pretty good ramen; it was humble, comforting and their broth really warms your belly. They have a wide selection of ramen to choose from, in addition to other Japanese foods and drinks. The location is secluded and hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne Central and it was really nice and peaceful when I visited. The waitress who served A.T and I was confident and very knowledgable with the menu. She knew her stuff back to front, which is always nice to see.


Shared entree & drinks:
Takoyaki (6 pieces for $7) –
grilled octopus served w/ bonito flakes and radish in special sauce
Their takoyaki was very tasty, especially for their pretty cheap prices which did enhance its tastiness! Ajisen Ramen did not hesitate with the sauce and bonito flakes which was fine by me. I think a good takoyaki needs a good amount of its accompaniments. They also added radish, something I haven’t encountered until now but it’s brilliant because the radish adds an extra crunch and goes particularly well with the sauces. The balls weren’t that crispy though and only had a tiny 1cm piece of octopus in each ball, but I have yet to find takoyaki with more filling than that (maybe in Japan. One day Thao, one day).




Root beer & green tea float ($5 each) – served w/ ice cream
I thought the addition of floats onto their menu was an innovative little idea (well I’ve never seen it before, not with root beer and green tea at least!) and I really loved it. The green tea was very refreshing and the perfect way to end a comforting and heavy meal like ramen. It does have a grainy texture but I didn’t mind it that much, the ice-cream compensates. 🙂 Root beer was on the gassier side but still delicious because I lurveeee me some root beer. It’s like a fizzier more sour/sweet and yummier version of coke… kinda like coke on coke (geddit coke, as in drugs? No? Ok)


(I don’t remember the prices of the ramen and silly me didn’t think to note it down but it ranged from.. $10-13 I think? Okay maybe not, don’t trust that.. oh gosh, I’m terrible. Sorry!)
A.T’s meal:
Paiku ramen – ramen noodles served w/ tenderloin ribs, eggs & vegetables

My meal:
Tonkatsu ramen –
ramen noodles served w/ deep fried pork, egg & vegetables, with added kimchi (+$2).
The broth was thick, rich and just absorbed in all the flavour of the pork bone, but it was a tad on the oily side. The noodles were cooked al dente exactly as they say and so slippery, it just slides as you slurp it all up! The tonkatsu was mediocre, as the crumb became soggy whilst it drowned into the broth which was inevitable. I liked how they cooked their eggs, ensuring that it wasn’t too overcooked so the yolk is still quite nicely golden orange. The kimchi on the other hand was lacking in impact and there were a few pieces that looked… off.




T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 7.5/10
Price (based on food quality) – reasonable
Service – 7/10
Atmosphere – calm, quiet and relaxing (mind you I came during closing time)
Overall experience – 7.5/10

Ajisen Ramen (Japanese)
Shop GD13, Melbourne Central, 211 La Trobe St, Melbourne (CBD)
(03) 9650 8986
Open Monday to Sunday 11.30AM – 9.00PM
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Arigatou, ja ne! 🙂
From Your Weekly Foodie,
– T

Dinner @ Maedaya Sake & Grill

For N’s birthday, my friends and I went to eat Japanese at Maedaya Sake & Grill. From what I saw, the restaurant is separated into two rooms, one being a sushi train/grill type thing and the other having a more restaurant feel with isolated chairs and even an awesome booth at the back which we were lucky enough to be seated at! As their name suggests, Maedaya has an extensive display of sakes so its a great place if that is what you like to drink. Personally, I thought the alcohol flavour and smell were way too strong for me. Anyway, interactions with the waitresses were sometimes difficult because they spoke basic English and mainly Japanese; a true indication that this place is authentic. Maedaya has a tablet system which I think is much more efficient and limits the probability of wrong orders and whatnot. However, I would recommend ordering from the tablet as much food as you can, as fast as you can, because some of the menu items sell out pretty quickly; a true indication that this place uses only the freshest produce (fish).

Maedaya Tsukune/Chicken Balls Set ($11) – soft and chewy chicken balls with a variety of flavours and sauces. The difference between each skewer was subtle but this set is fit for any palate, although… ok maybe not so much for those who like a little spice (it was more sweet than spicy).

Maedaya Sumiyaki Set ($15) – a plate of various of meats (tofu, chicken, beef and pork belly) grilled and skewered, each seasoned to display a range of different flavours. It was great for sharing and expressing which one was our personal favourites!

Veggie Chips ($6.50) – each veggie had a crispy texture which differed from the next. The carrots and the one on the left (sorry not sure what that was!) were more soft while the lotus had more of a ‘snap’ to it. I personally preferred the lotus chips because of that snap! I like things with a bit more bite into it 🙂

Takoyaki ($5.50) – my takoyaki only had one piece of octopus no bigger than a centimetre big but the flavoursome batter compensated for the lack of filling. The exterior had a crispy texture, whilst the batter inside was nice and soft.

Rainbow Sushi Roll ($16.50) – ingredients and flavours were foreign to me, particularly in a sushi roll but oh so amazing. Creaminess of the cream cheese with the smoothness the salmon were a match made in heaven, both just melted in my mouth. Dipping sauce was also special, with an added vinegar taste for that extra kick. My biggest regret was not ordering more of these beauties before they ran out!

Assorted Sashimi Platter ($16) – the freshest assortment of fish I’ve ever tasted. Tuna, kingfish and salmon instantly dissolved on my tongue as I ate it. The delectable taste of each individual fish was so distinctly different.

Salmon Sashimi ($13.80) – salmon sashimi was also very fresh and smooth. Only downfall were the fish bones, which all three of us girls coincidentally stumbled upon when we ate our sashimi pieces.

Taiyaki ($5) – taiyaki was difficult to eat. It was heavy and doughy with not a lot of the red bean filling (the ice-cream was a massive help in cutting down on all of dat heaviness).

Double Ice Cream (Black Sesame & Green Tea – $6.50) – I shared this with N and the green tea flavour was mine (obviously… haha). Green tea was creamy and indulgent, and the black sesame was too! My friends said they thoroughly enjoyed the black sesame, with A.T describing it as having a subtle toasty flavour.

Avocado Chocolate Baked Mini Bread w/ Vanilla Ice Cream ($5.50) – This is what C ordered. She thought it was good and enjoyed it, though a tad oily for her liking.

Highlights: unique and interesting sushi varieties (I would go again just for the sushi rolls), great booth!, fresh and to-die-for sashimi, tablet system
Lowlights: fish bones, boring taiyaki, mediocre skewers, menu sells out quick!
Food – 7.5/10
Pricing – $$ (reasonable)
Service – 8/10 (very friendly and joyful)
Atmosphere – traditionally Japanese
Overall: 8/10

Maedaya Sake & Grill
398 & 400 Bridge Road, Richmond
(03) 9428 3918
Open Sunday to Thursday 5.30PM – 9.30PM, Friday & Saturday 5.30PM – 10PM
Accepts Card
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Until next Tuesday!
From Your Weekly Foodie,
– T

Lunch @ Chiba


A.T miraculously chose this amazing Japanese restaurant for lunch on a 28 degree day because we figured sushi was a healthy alternative that would go down well in our battles against the scorching heat. Chiba was the perfect decision; the restaurant has two storeys with a fancy, clean yet sophisticated interior. The restaurant doesn’t play background music, which was actually great because it creates a quiet and comforting environment. The staff were friendly, polite and professional, and the food is just exquisite!

A.T’s Meal:
Moriawase (from the lunch menu – $17) – combination of sushi, sashimi and seaweed rice rolls. 
A.T: “it was healthy with a variety of sashimi, great value for your buck as Chiba was generous in their servings and the presentation was f*ing sexy. Not to mention, everything was made to order so it tasted very fresh.”



My Meal:
Bento Lunch Box (from the lunch menu – $15) –
 chef selection of the day (today was chicken teriyaki), including sashimi, tempura, small pieces of tonkatsu and shredded cabbage.
Quality and portions were impeccable! The batter tightly clung onto the various vegetables (eggplant, pumpkin, etc) and prawn, which made the exterior of the tempura crispy whilst retaining the moisture and texture of the ingredients inside. Deep fried fish (not too sure, correct me if I’m wrong) was crumbed well, rice was fluffy and soft with great seasoning on top, and the teriyaki chicken was glossy, sweet and delicate. Cabbage provided tangy freshness to round off the meal. All elements (texture, flavour, presentation) were there and beautifully executed. You can taste the love and care put into every single component of the bento.



Our meals also included miso soup and dessert (which was just a few pieces of fruit). The miso soup had a homely simplicity, which made it soothing, light and nourishing.

Our Dessert:
Green Tea Ice Cream ($6.50) – for me, green tea ice cream after any meal is guaranteed to keep me satisfied. Smooth, creamy and just the right amount of that green tea flavour. Yumyumyum!


With bento boxes, Ebi Fine Foods and Chiba are almost neck to neck. Ebi Fine Foods is unique in their main dishes, which change daily. It is definitely the stand out as it infuses traditional Japanese meals with modern twists. The major let down with Ebi’s bentos are their cold and pre-prepared side dishes, which is where Chiba takes the crown and reigns supreme. Due to the freshness, generous portions, cheap price and amazing side dishes of Chiba’s bentos, I personally think Chiba wins (by a pretty thin margin). Arguably the best and my most favourite local Japanese restaurant yet!

T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 9/10
Price (based on food quality) – our meals from the lunch menu, very cheap
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – peaceful, fancy and sophisticated
Overall experience – 9/10

Chiba (Japanese)
41 Hall St, Moonee Ponds
(03) 9347 2656
Lunch: Monday to Saturday 11.30AM – 3PM
Dinner: Sunday to Thursday 5.30PM – 10.30PM, Friday & Saturday 5.30PM – 11PM
Accepts credit cards only
No split bills
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Happy dining!
From Your Weekly Foodie,
– T

Summer Night Market @ QVM Part 1

The night market runs from 5PM-10PM every Wednesday throughout summer starting from November 6th – February 26th at the Queen Victoria Market. Similar to the Luna 1878 (refer to a previous post), it is an amazing event which celebrates the beauty of food, fashion and music, bringing them to life!

K & B’s FOOD:
Buffalo chicken wings by Wing Man – 6 pieces of chicken wings (mild) with hot fries and homemade blue cheese dip ($8 + $2 + 0.50c = $10.50)
K has tried buffalo wings before in America and said that this was the closest to the real thing. Rating: 9/10
B: the wings tasted good and wasn’t greasy. Would recommend and have it again, however, I would not get the chips again. B rates the wings 9/10
Dutch Pancakes by Tram Stop Dutch Pancakes caravan – mini Dutch pancakes with sugar, butter and lemon ($7.50)
K: nothing special, especially at that price as it could be made at home. If it was $3-4, I would’ve been happier with the meal. Rating: 5.5/10
B: the pancakes were pretty good but fairly average, as you could get the same thing anywhere and for cheaper, therefore Rating: 7/10

A & T’s FOOD:
Seafood Paella by the Spanish Gourmet Caterers
A: 2nd time having it and I still love it. Interesting flavour and texture, I just like how it’s all mushy and soft. Would’ve enjoyed it more if they served it more hot (temperature wise). Portions were not too bad for $12. Rating: 8/10
 thought A was being too nice with his review. She thought maybe ‘I’m just bored and there’s nothing new about it’ Rating: 6.5/10
Sri Lankan Roti Beef by the Lankan Tucker ($12)
A: 1st time having this. Portions and price were adequate considering I had a meal before that. A very exotic and exciting dish especially with the hot sauce. Interesting combination and taste, however, it tasted a bit familiar to pho (Vietnamese noodles) but I didn’t mind it. It got dry after a while so next time I would try the sweet chilli sauce. Waiting for the food was avg 5-6.7mins.
(I also had a try of their roti and I get where A is coming from. I had a bite almost towards the end and by that time, the sauce had dried up and you could barely taste it. Though I still thoroughly enjoyed the dish; it was sweet and chewy… I think I might buy myself one when I go back next week!)

Dutch Pancakes by Tram Stop Dutch Pancakes caravan – mini Dutch pancakes with sugar and butter ($7)
A: 1st time having this. Pancakes were nice and soft but it tasted like any pancake to me except in bite-sized portions. Happy with the portion. Rating: 7/10

Both couples also had a Korean potato twist which was $6 each with your choice of salt. Sorry I wasn’t able to get a photo of it but it looks like this.
B found that hers tasted more like salt and vinegar even though she ordered chicken salt. Perhaps the lady gave her the wrong flavour but K&B still thought it was good, Rating: 7/10.
T also had hers with chicken salt and said ‘the best and always the best.’ Rating: 8.5/10

Kimchi Fries by Blazn Street Food – hand cut chips with kimchi, bean sprouts, spring onion, mayonnaise and spicy chicken ($8)
The staff were friendly, young and fresh. The cook was upbeat and kindly posed for the photo haha! However, the kimchi fries was such a disappointing and boring dish. The fries did not taste or look hand cut to be honest, I thought they were frozen and packaged. The fries had a unpleasant soggy texture, it would’ve been a much better fit with the rest of the dish if it was crunchy. I didn’t find it spicy at all… maybe because they weren’t very generous with the chicken. Kimchi, bean sprouts and mayo were ordinary and tasted pre-bought. Not worth the price. Rating: 3.5/10IMG_3037IMG_3038


Soft Shell Crab Burger by Hammer & Tong 412 – soft shell crab slider with shredded cabbage, sriracha mayonnaise and coriander ($12)
The service was terribly slow despite the lack of people lining up to order. There were only about 1-2 people working whilst the other three were just standing around. We waited for around 15-20 minutes until our burger finally came and I think there were 3 people who had ordered before us. The burger itself was very tasty however overpriced. All of the ingredients tied together beautifully and danced on my tongue in a synchronised fashion. The stand out of the dish was definitely the mayo because it was perfectly matched with the soft shell crab. The texture was there and the flavours were there. Can I also emphasize how much A.T kept going on about how much he loved the burger. Whereas for me, it was simple, tasty however pretty standard ingredients, and nothing particularly special or unique. Rating: 8/10
Kerala Dosa by Kerala Foods – Southern Indian Dosa; spicy organic beef wrapped in a crispy rice and lentil crepe served with dahl, coconut sambal and kasoundi ($12)
It would’ve been better if the sauces were served separately instead of poured on top of the crepe. It ruined the crispiness of the crepe and the centre became very soggy. The beef inside was nicely cooked and tender and went very well with the various sauces. The kasoundi was a mixture of sweet and spicy, packing in a great punch. The coconut sambal reminded me of tzatziki, I couldn’t taste much of the coconut but still complimented the crepe well. Dahl was pretty standard. Overall, the dish was warm, humble and comforting! Rating: 7.5/10
Taiyaki by a Japanese food stand (sorry I forgot to check their name!) – taiyaki with red bean, custard or chocolate filling ($4 for 1 piece, 3 pieces for $10)
I’ve always wanted to try taiyaki because it looks amazing, especially when it is made fresh with the steam leaving the dough, floating and dancing into the air and the filling oozing out when you rip it apart (well that’s what I’ve always imagined). Unfortunately, this was far from my silly yet beautiful vision of the taiyaki. As you can tell, they had already cooked heaps and left them there for goodness knows how long, ready to be served immediately. Therefore, it was not steaming hot, fresh and crispy around the edges. There was hardly any filling inside and just underwhelming overall. The best filling out of the three would have to be Nutella, because its liquid texture helped give it a bit of moisture whereas the other two were very dry. Rating: 4/10

A huge thank you to K, B, A & T for giving up their time to provide valuable insight into their thoughts and ratings!
Also, credits to my photographer A.T for putting up with my bossiness on the day and never missing an opportunity to capture the food!

Stay tuned for part two 🙂
From Your Weekly Foodie,
– T

Lunch @ Warra Warra

Warra Warra

Warra Warra is tucked away at the back of Tivoli Arcade and let me tell you it is completed PACKED during lunch time mainly with corporate workers. The restaurant has normal menu options but there are also items displayed at the food bar where you go up to the counter and order, kind of like a high school cafeteria. N and I did not know this and the workers didn’t bother to explain how it all works so we were clueless… as well as a number of other diners. There were people moving and standing about everywhere so everything was just all over the place. A very slow service to add to that… the couple next to us waited even longer than us for their food and the woman was so mad she received apologies from the staff and a refund, leaving without barely touching her food. The staff were cheerful though.


Our shared meal:
Takoyaki Balls (50c each, total = $3) – SO CHEAP! The batter wasn’t cripsy but that can be excused because it was GREAT value for money. Quite tasty 🙂



N’s meal:
Sizzling Stone Pot Bibimbap – assorted vegetables, egg on rice served in a sizzling stone pot with korean chilli or mild sauce.


My meal:
Fried Chicken Tender ($1.50 a piece) – I think my chicken tender was left out on the food bar for too long because the chicken was dry and it didn’t taste fresh. It was pretty bland and needed some sort of accompanied sauce.



Beef Bulgogi Box w/ Rice and Gyoza Salad ($11.50) – stir fried thinly sliced beef in sweet soy sauce.
The rice wasn’t fluffy and soft, it didn’t taste like it was cooked fresh to order. The gyoza on the other hand, was crispy with a yummy filling, while the beef bulgogi was moist with a sticky and sweet sauce.



T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 7/10
Price (based on food quality) – cheap to reasonable (depending on menu item)
Service – 4/10
Atmosphere – disorganised and crowded
Overall experience – 6.5/10

Warra Warra (Korean&Japanese)
Shop 19 & 20, 235-251 Bourke Street Melbourne CBD (Tivoli Arcade)
(03) 9662 2077
Open Monday to Friday Lunch: 11.30AM – 3.00PM & Dinner: 5.30PM – 11.00PM, Saturday Dinner Only: 5.00PM – 11.00PM Closed on Sunday

Warra Warra on Urbanspoon

From Your Weekly Foodie,
– T

Dinner @ Ebi Fine Foods

Yet again, another pleasant dining experience at Ebi Fine Foods! The guy serving C & I when we had dessert last time (refer to a previous post) was working today as well. We ended up sitting outside because it was quite packed inside and he was very considerate. He came out, apologised for not realising that we were outside (which is understandable because our bentos were ordered as takeaway) and offered to turn on the patio heater. The other two workers were also friendly and polite, always smiling at their customers.


C’s meal:
3 fish 3 ways Bento ($15) – Teriyaki barramundi, panko salmon and tuna and avocado salad in miso dressing w/ salad, marinated vegetables, rice and pickles.


My meal:
Tonkatsu Bento ($15) – Crumbed pork loin schnitzel w/ Tonkatsu sauce, salad, marinated vegetables, rice and pickles. (My friend N had the same meal so I didn’t take a photo).
The bentos at Ebi Fine Foods are seriously amazing, and consistent too! Their rice was perfectly cooked; “light and fluffy” as quoted from C, and they also add a bit of seasoning on top. The schnitzel was well crumbed, crispy and the meat was nicely cooked. I think Ebi must’ve seen my past critiques as my salad was dressed this time and wasn’t bland at all!! They also put less sauce on my eggplant, which was great! I was even lucky enough to have not 3 lotus chips, but four of them crisp beauties!! I still found the tofu too cold and moist to eat though (I think it’s an acquired taste for that one). All in all, a very appetising bento!



My dessert:
Black Sesame Panna Cotta ($6) – I’m not too sure about this one… the texture wasn’t to my liking. It wasn’t fresh, smooth and silky like your usual panna cottas, but I guess that’s because of the black sesame. It does have a strong black sesame taste which is great at the start, but I got sick of it and ended up craving for something cold to wash it all down. The pocky and nuts does help to cut the heaviness of the panna cotta though. Both my friends C & N had a try and said they liked it so I guess it depends on taste preferences as well.



I think I’ve started to grow a deep fondness for this little gem. Overall, great staff, a relatively close proximity to my house and consistently satisfying and exceptionally good quality food; what more can I ask for. I would highly recommend! 🙂

T’s Verdict:
Quality of the food – 7.5/10 (+0.5 for Ebi’s consistency) = 8/10!
Price (based on food quality) – very reasonable
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – cosy, local feel
Overall experience – 8.5/10

Ebi Fine Foods (Japanese)
18A Essex Street, Footscray
(03) 9689 3300
Open Tuesday – Thursday 12PM-8PM, Friday 12PM-10PM, Saturday 4PM-10PM
(Closed on Sunday and Monday)
Some of their menu items change daily so check them out for updates!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ebifinefood
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ebi-Fine-Food/178829582139658
Accepts Card
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Peace out saaaaaan,
From Your Weekly Foodie,
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